nosh and ennui

I would not have thought that my favorite snack here would be lever postei på wasa brød. Though I suppose it is not so suprising, as I did develop a sincere affection for pate de fois gras in pate feuillete triangles, so my early dislike for liverwurst was already highly compromised. Other than this, I am embarrassingly obsessed with things non-Norwegian. What do I lust for? Spanakopita, a plate of red pepper hummus and tapanade with hot pita wedges, salsa, fresh pesto pizza. The delightful bottle of red wine that I shared with Wisco-guy and St Olaf last night inspired the pita and hummus craving. What could be better than kr 100 wine and pitas? So now I know there is a bar/restaurant here that I like. Den Gode Nabo played Cake. I was well pleased.

The problem is, general ennui. I'm here to write a thesis paper on Scandinavian folk music, yet I'm spending most of my time listening to midwestern and canadian indie rock on my ipod. I'd say it is less homesickness than temporary academic burnout. I want to spend my time going to concerts and cooking for friends rather than reading non-translated norwegian emigrant literature. I want a team and a small construction project, or an espresso machine and a long line of customers. Other than the very early hours, I think Starbucks was really one of the best jobs I've ever had, and I've been missing it recently. Possibly, I want to do skilled manual labor for a while. I want to feel concrete and practical.

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brenda said...

Yikes....don't depend on the last minute adrenaline to have to listen to non-stop local music!!!!!

30 min. a day can go a long way!!