norway botanical

Yesterday was the first field trip for friluftsliv, aka, hiking for credit. Today is wimpering about the pain in my legs. I've gone all sissified, which is embarrassing to me, because I walked a lot in Madison. It's just that I didn't walk up many mountains there, seeing as it is so very flat. So today is a little wimpy, but the hiking yesterday was pretty awesome. Blueberries were picked and consumed in short order, and several people gathered mushrooms. Not the redcaps featured in this picture obviously, but ones such as the more humble brown fellow in the back. Note the spungy underside, gills are apparently bad in this instance, though why I'm not quite certain. I don't think it was death mushrooms, but maybe they don't taste as good. In the way of edibles, there was also an herb that makes terrible tasting tea, but helps one sleep. I've forgotten it's name, which I only heard in Norwegian, as our fabulous trip leader did not know the English name. Other than that, there was lots of pine, and and a tree with red berries said to predict the snow. I don't know whether it predicted lots of snow, as I didn't have any previous years to compare the current berry count to.

Common roadside plants include yellow yarrow, red and white clover, and simple magenta roses. There are rosehips everywhere right now.

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