In church again

I went up to the churches here in Bø again. I was on a photo expidition for both my father and myself. I took something just under 200 pictures, which is a complete shock to me, because I am not a picture taking person. Snapshots are just not my thing. But this was research, and I can totally rock the research excuse. I felt a little sketchy, because I am not a church attending person and I always feel like I am trespassing in churches. It also doesn't help that I was taking lots of pictures of headstones, while a few people were attending to the graves of their departed.
While I was out in the church yard a Polish woman in my Immigrant/Emigrant class came up with her boyfriend. While I was talking to her, one of the groundsmen came over and asked the boyfriend if we would like to look inside the church, so I got to walk around in the stone church without anyone to tell me I couldn't walk behind that, or don't touch this. I didn't climb the ladder up to look at the church bells, but I thought about it. Most of the pictures I took are of very little value as lovely compositions to look at, but hopefully will make good reference shots for Pops. I am a very good daughter and he should remember this.


brenda said...

Good photo tour...maybe you can go back and climb the ladder to the bells now that you know they are there...just don't ring them.

Great photo!

Muggie said...

Pops does remember you are a wonderful daughter. He's a great Pops too.