I really need a bike

Living up in Breisås is great, including the obnoxious hill (or portion of a mountain to be accurate about it) that I have to climb to get home. No, I couldn't ride up this hill. No possibility of that. But it's a good way down to the school, and it's even longer to Kroa. After the hill, most of the way is gloriously flat, being down in the valley, but it still takes about half an hour to go there. So whenever I work a show there, like today, I get a couple of nice long walks in. For concerts, start work at 2 setting up things. For Blind Archery Club and Grand Island, I helped set up a couple platforms for drums and keyboard, placed and connected monitors, and then we cut a few more gels for the lights. Gels into the lights, and while we were waiting around to find out what's going on we got a short lesson on mics in Norwegian. That I followed pretty well, but I had the instructions for working stage security in English. Set up, so far as volunteer tech crew goes, went pretty quickly. I spent about 3 hours there, but most of that was sitting around. Then I go back at 10, to watch the kids up front and make sure they are not too drunk or going to pass out.

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Muggie said...

If you thought going down a lighthouse stairs was scarey, biking downhill can be even worse. Yeah this is the lady who was pulled over for speeding in Abingdon, VA on a bike. I admit I was going downhill and was doing nearly 50 in a 35 mph zone, but I was young and thought I was invulnerable then. I was also constantly pushing my fears to and sometimes beyond the edge.