du vinner igjen tørkeskap!

I've never been too particular about my laundry. Clean and not shrunk tend to satisfy me well enough. That was when I had a tumble dryer. With the drying closet here, I have a problem. Stone hard towel. All the rest of my clothes are doing fine. My t-shirts are soft and cuddly when they come out. So I've bought some fabric softener (after puzzling over the product labeling a bit), and have been trying to get a soft, absorbent towel out of it. I have, apparently, no skill with fabric softener, but am adjusting to the abrasive towel. It only takes a couple of showers before it relaxes back into something like a textile instead of course sandpaper.

I've been whining a lot, but that doesn't mean I don't like it here. Thus, a brief list of good things:
  • dinner parties
  • dormmates who are very nice about repeating themselves until I understand (and using supplimental English)
  • my bathroom floor heater
  • the electric hot water pot
  • mountains and trees and the pleasant little creek through town

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Muggie said...

Try white vinegar for softener. It really makes a difference. I can't figure out why you don't like it.