I am the ocean and this is erosion, or...

Sisyphus and the wall. In repayment for partially funding and outfitting my expedition, I get to scrape my parents' dining room walls down to the bare plaster. No wonder they have been complaining of sprained shoulders and sore hands. The work became tolerable when I fished my own bladeholder out of my toolbag, and I wonder why they have been scraping paint without a handle on their razorblades. But it is always fun rearranging coastlines of paint and destroying things.

New gear includes:
  • external hard drive for storing laptop image
  • awesome hiking boots for drenching in bog water
  • a 70s hiking pack which rode around on my pop's motorcycle
  • vintage REI down sleepsack from my mum's college days
  • steel coffee press mug


1 comment:

Mary said...

You're wrong we did have handles, they just got mislaid. Not sure where, somewhere in the room you were scraping.