All she really ever wanted to do was show off her...

I should be packing. There are the things that go in boxes to stay in the states, things that go in luggage to leave the states, and things that go off to Saint Vinny's. Some things have already been sorted out in this manner, but there is still more to do. The work got that much greater and more frustrating when flash flooding visited the isthmus and my basement apartment, fortunately not doing any tremendous amounts of damage, but water-logging my rug and dampening some of my already packed boxes.

My resentment over this predicament is mitigated by the happy-marinading in booze that my friends have been kindly providing me with over the past week and the tattoo that G gifted me. Yes, it is like a cat scratch, but a drawn out scratch when you can't smack the cat for its naughty behavior. I've gotten an alarm clock. Oh, blessed alarm clock. But for some reason I keep waking up before the alarm goes of afraid that I've over slept.

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