those are not hips, they are sculpted cement

I really don't think that "I'm Norwegian" is any excuse for a complete inability to club dance. Really, if you are going to drink that much, then go to a 'disco' then you should be able to friggin' groove. Or at least attempt to groove. So instead, the two times the americans have been out and drunk, we've danced with each other. Last night I danced with some asian guy a little older than I would have liked, but at least the guy could move.

So that complaint made, there were some coordinated Norwegians out yesterday. I was getting rather drunk with some more of my neighbors, but St Olaf was getting some pretty dancing with Wisco's norwegian dormmate. It was impressive, and I am slightly jealous.


Muggie said...

Hmmm. Sculpted cement on whom?

Kjersti said...

As in stiff, stiff norwegian hips that cannot be used for dancing. Cement hips. Silly, are you thinking I'm misbehaving?