barista boys

sexy in any nationality, or perhaps I'm just attracted to people who can provide me with hot caffeine. While I did get lucky today, the only things I scored were a free latté from a Norwegian friend, and 25.50 kroner in redeemed Pant that someone forgot to take the receipt for. Sweet. That's like 4 bucks.


Muggie said...

what are redeemed Pant? And was the latte good?

Kjersti said...

I covered the basics of Pant in discussing the litter situation here in Bø, but it is the the refund on can and bottle recycling. The recyclable vessels go to the grocery store, you send them through a pant sorting machine, and get a little reciept to count against the cost of your groceries.

Yes, the latté was good. It had cinnamon on it. Yay!